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Veera Kaukoranta

Creative Producer / Tour Manager

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The relationship between a man and a woman is the main theme of the show Suhde. As the performance is running, we want to be able to answer the following questions in a comical way: How does a 50 kg woman win over a 100 kg man? How does a relationship work as these two different-sized persons meet? Who leads and who follows? How does a relationship form? To answer these questions we use various circus techniques, like duo acrobatics, foot juggling and juggling.


The performance uses a light set, which makes it extremely easy to move from place to place and quick and simple to both erect and dismantle. 

Street performance  

Genre: Circus

Technics: Hand to hand acrobatics, foot juggling (antipodism)

Speechless performance

Produced in co-operation with Circus Ruska.