Hug You! (Walking Act)

Duo Abbraccio


Are they here? They are! Out of the blue... beside you, in front of your car, on your lap... or they take you with them to wherever they go! Hug You! are two bizarre and absurd characters that just love to interact with the passer-by. Themes for their performances are love, warm-heartedness, kidnappings, chaos,... or death scenes, maybe taking place right in front of you. The one moment they’re there and the next they have just vanished!


This act is entirely made of improvisations with and around the passers-by. Daring, but with subtle humour! From international street theatre festivals to receptions in your neighbourhood.

At the corner of the street or at a nearby marketplace... You have absolutely no idea what’s in store for you? Come closer and fall under the spell of their charm and beauty! Because before you know it, they will be standing right beside you or you will be hearing a weird sound somewhere in the distance that draws your attention.

Our walking and circle acts offer you, in a humoristic, poetic and interactive way, a moment full of wonder and tenderness. We transform the street into something unique... which you will never forget!

The street theatre we bring to both young and old is born out of an intense passion. Because the spectators are our target and we love to carry them away in a unique moment full of playful circus scenes, bizarre characters, improvisations,... and unforgettable tragedies.

© 2020 by Ab Joy diffusion.

Veera Kaukoranta

Creative Producer / Tour Manager

+ 32 (0) 483 65 26 90

Ab Joy asbl - Bruxelles